Halloween Outfits 2010

With Halloween approaching us, there have been a number of orange and black outfits up on YJA. Let’s start off with Almighty designer ramcot_snow:

ramcot_snow’s quickly completed two different costumes for this occasion already (actually three, but the third is just an alternate colour of the following):

Two different colour versions as explicitly shown.

Unfortunately, it’s already sold — at 56,500 yen ($690 US) for EACH outfit… as expected of the legend.

Start Date: Oct. 3, 2010 / End Date: Oct. 6, 2010 (for both colours)
Starting Bid: 5,000 yen ($61 US) (for both colours)
Number of bidders: 7 (for both colours)
Winning Bid: 56,500 yen ($690 US) (for both colours)



* * * * * *

ramcot_snow came out with an even sexier outfit right after, though at the cost of potentially staining the crap out of your dollfie. It’s currently at 18,500 yen at the time of this post, but usually the bids rocket during the final 15 minutes.

Start Date: Oct. 9, 2010 / End Date: Oct. 12, 2010
Starting Bid: 5,000 yen ($61 US)
Number of bidders: TBD (Update: 5)
Winning Bid: TBD (Update: 19,000 yen — I suppose people realized the potential staining issues)


* * * * * *

Next, we have momoyamatakio. To be honest, I’d  rather call him/her by his/her studio name. But the only word I can make out from that font in the pic below is “Sakura”. Then again I suppose I could use the abbreviations SDY.

Update: ncMaothVez has confirmed that it is SHY (Sakura Hon Ya — 桜本屋)

SHY also has several Halloween outfits for sale, but I only took the two I felt were most related to the holiday theme.

Click on pic to enlarge to see more clearly.

Start Date: Oct. 8, 2010 / End Date: Oct. 10, 2010
Starting Bid: 7,000 yen ($85 US)
Number of bidders: 1
Winning Bid: 7,000 yen ($85 US)


* * * * * *

SHY also had a Succubus that sold for 36,500 yen:


Nice wings. They do not stifle the outfit’s name.

Start Date: Oct. 1, 2010 / End Date: Oct. 3, 2010
Starting Bid: 7,000 yen ($85 US)
Number of bidders: 6
Winning Bid: 36,500 yen ($445 US)


* * * * * *

Then I thought I spotted a Harle Alternate Colour Vers. figurine

I was mistaken, instead it was a design by aodolldress.

Does kinda look like Harle. The hat’s cute, I would have bought it had I not have spent my Saturday night at Moxies.

Start Date: Oct. 10, 2010 / End Date: Oct. 13, 2010
Starting Bid: 3,000 yen ($37 US)
Number of bidders: TBD (Update: 0)
Winning Bid: TBD (Update: None — I seriously would’ve bought this because of the super cute hat)


* * * * * *

Finally we have seller pokerface_bing (Designed by Sara’s Garden) with two lovely items:

Start Date: Oct. 9, 2010 / End Date: Oct. 14, 2010
Starting Bid: 6,800 yen ($83 US)
Number of bidders: TBD (Update: 2)
Winning Bid: TBD (Update: 8,800 yen)


* * * * * *

Sara’s Garden’s second outfit looks similar to the previous at first glance, but actually has some very different details:

This outfit deserves a second pic because of the enormous Obsidian Gothic Buckler of the Ages mounted on the left side of her bosom. And is that Laura Secord?! Not quite upon closer observation, but this outfit leaves me craving for chocolates.

Start Date: Oct. 9, 2010 / End Date: Oct. 14, 2010
Starting Bid: 6,800 yen ($83 US)
Number of bidders: TBD (Update: 2)
Winning Bid: TBD (Update: 8,750 yen)


And that’s all folks, Halloween is still a while away, so expect more to come in the following weeks.

More fashion stuff here.

I do not own any of these items.
Images here belong to their respective owners as indicated by the watermarks.
Auction dates are Japan Standard Time (JST).
Currency conversion rates are as of 2010-10-11.
Auction links die in about 5 months from this post.


3 responses to “Halloween Outfits 2010

  1. At first I couldn’t read it too but I’m quite certain that the one you called SDY above is actually called SHY, or Sakura Hon Ya (桜本屋). At least Google Translate want’s to call him/her Sakura Bookstore and ‘hon’ can mean book so I think it’s SHY.

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