How to: Getting clothes for your Dollfie Dream


This is a frequent subject that pops up for every new dollfie owner. Where are those Dollfie clothes ? Why doesn’t Volks have a better line of underwear on their website ? Why are all the outfits so bizarre looking ? How come I see people that dress their dollfies up in casual clothing while there’s not a single one on the Volks site apart from staining jeans?

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Getting Dollfie clothes and some advanced techniques for YJA

A disheartening truth is that dollfie clothes aren’t sold like human clothes. 6 billion people need clothes, but barely a fraction of that need doll clothes. Because of this, Volks does not have an enormous solid line of clothes pumping out every week. They do have several official clothing makers for them though, but even so, the clothing line-ups only come once every few months or so.

So, what happens is, similar to Limited Dollfies, Volks’s division brands like Tenshi-no-Koromo design sets of outfits for a particular season, they get suppliers to make a set quantity of them, and then sell them at their official dollfie events. Then they sell them on the website until they are sold out. The process then repeats.

You can camp here, to view the latest set of clothings available. If you flip back to the past pages of that blog, you can also find listings of previously released outfits. Or simply browse the Volks USA site for any previous outfits that are still in stock. In fact, if you visit the English version of the Japanese site HERE, they seem to have tons of older releases in stock.

“Any chance I can get outfits from previous releases?”

Yes. There’s always Yahoo Japan Auction. If you’re asking about clothes, you probably already own a dollfie, so you would have had experience with the site. If not, then refer to the Getting a Dollfie Dream in 5 Easy Steps! guide, but instead of looking at the Dollfie Dream Body section, you’ll have to look at the Dollfie Dream Miscellaneous section, which is the third link of the three links under the Dollfie Dream category (see screenshot below), but be warned, it’s extremely time consuming, that category has over 200 pages.


So! There’s a nifty trick that can allow you to quickly access and retrieve all the Japanese names of the items released so you can copy and paste them on YJA to search (instead of plowing through the 200 pages of “Dollfie Dream Miscellaneous”).

Simply go HERE. This is the monthly schedule of all the events for Volks in Japan. Just change the date in the link to go to previous months and years.


You can then find all the doll events and click on their respective official links. For example, if we go to the link for 2009 December, you’ll find the official link to the Dolls Party 22 event.


If you browse around that site, you’ll find the Tenshi-no-Sumika outfits that were being sold at the event,


and then just scroll down and click on the links on the right sidebar to view each outfit in full detail.



Once you find one you like, copy the Japanese name of the outfit, go to YJA and paste it on the searchbox under dolls in general and see if YJA has it.




And that’s that. Of course, you can’t use this method if you’re looking for rarer custom-made outfits, since you wouldn’t know what the seller named it. You’ll really have to flip through the 200 pages.

“So, what else ?”

Very good, there’s more! Now, because of the limited amount of clothing supplied for dolls from Volks et al, there have been numerous tailors and seamstresses and doll design studios who make dollfie outfits. The ones in Japan and some studios in South East Asia usually put their line of outfits on YJA, as stated above, and some on eBay too, but I haven’t used eBay much, so I’m not familiar with the high rated sellers. (This site is focused more heavily on YJA, and listing the good fashion that comes up on there. *Total eBay noob* xD) Anyway, many of them have their own websites too, like Mimiwoo, Dollmore, Leeke, Nine9Style, Dollheart. I have yet to see these sites sell on YJA, or maybe they have, just under a different seller name. But after a while, you’ll find that a lot of the sellers on YJA have their own shop websites.

Many of the clothes from these designers aren’t specifically made for Dollfie Dream though, but for Volks’s other doll line Super Dollfie. Fortunately, some Super Dollfie clothes for SD10 and SD13 still fit the Dollfie Dream, but some won’t, it will be a little tight or loose. But I’ve tried a lot of MSD outfits on Mini Dollfie Dream and they fit fine. Here is a very good site for your doll sizes so you can compare them to other dolls and see what clothes made for other dolls could potentially fit yours. Scroll down to the very end until you see the Volks section.

There are still lots of talented custom dressmakers around, lurking in forums, groups and blogs like Puppy52Dolls, but I’m not sure if she’s taking requests right now. As you participate more in the Dollfie community, you’ll eventually seek them out!


3 responses to “How to: Getting clothes for your Dollfie Dream

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  2. Very nice guide. Also as well as Yahoo Japan there a lot of Chinese doll manufacturers that make 60cm or 1/3 dolls and there are numerous clothes for these for sale on the Chinese auction site Taobao.

    For a fuller list of all BJD companies – some of which sell dollfie sized clothes

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