Illya at home

A typical day...

A typical day…

*Photos taken with Canon PowerShot G11 on October 15, 2010*

Illya wants to go outside, but her owner is always too busy to take her out.

* * * * * *

A typical day...

She’d go out herself, but it’s quite a fall from the 20th floor and she can’t reach the elevator buttons.



Oh, it seems like she spotted me.

In thought~

Hm, she seems to know the answer this time and isn’t asking me to take her outside.

Wait.. she seems to be planning something.

Mischievous Illya

Illya can be very mischievous sometimes


What’s this ? Did she spot something ?


Oh, she’s calling Berserker to break through the window instead.




Berserker looks a little different irl than in 2D.


There’s little else one can do when Berserker comes.

Determined Illya

Shattering Stars

But even Berserker is no match for the impenetrable glass.


Illya wasn’t in a good mood and left afterwards. Berserker is still here recovering from the shock.

Back to work !

Illya pose

Oh, and some extra Illya photos from earlier~

Illya pose

Illya pose


Illya and Totoro

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