Dollfie Fashion Tour at Yahoo Japan Auction October 2010

As many of you know and don’t know, Yahoo Japan Auction is the major hub for Dollfie Dream fashion studios (mainly in Japan and parts of South East Asia) to sell their dazzling goods. These outfits range from contemporary fashion to bizarre looking garments one may want to avoid wearing in public. Most are one-off and rare. Some are offered and sold on a weekly basis. This article will cover several of the main types of clothing available, for both your optical taste buds and Dollfie wardrobe needs.

* * * * * *

First up is a very unique outfit designed by T.D.C. sold under YJA account pokerface_bing. It’s uniqueness is proven by being the most expensive piece of clothing sold this week.

At 30,100 yen ($371 US), you can buy a Grade AAA bootlegged Gucci purse. But of course, for the majority of us, Dollfie comes first.

* * * * * *

Next, we have an extravagant 2-in-1 package by -Le chat de neige- that includes a china dress and a bustier set. It is currently still up for bids at 19,000 yen ($235 US) as of this post — a big jump from the 8,000 yen starting price — but comes to no surprise due to the obvious effort in detail and prominent colours.

A very attractive piece indeed. It makes the featured image of this post.

the china dress

the bustier set

If interested, you can go here:

* * * * * *

Of course, if you prefer your dollfies in less flamboyant apparel, there are plenty of casual wear spotted on YJA too.

Comfortable warm wear for the autumn season by aodolldress. The prices are reasonable too: 4,000 yen ($49 US) insta-buy, no need to fight for it.

aodolldress products are here:

and their personal blog:

* * * * * *

Casual two-piece from Pretty Ghost. It’s solid, simple, your Dollfie will like it. Comes with treble clef and invisible rose. The fluffy beret is a bonus.

Pretty Ghost also provides us with a demotivational poster:

underwear included

There’s still almost a week from the time of this post until this auction ends. It’s currently at a low price of 4,000 yen ($49 US).

* * * * * *

This is a very underrated piece in my opinion from seller masphr27 starting at a modest 3,000 yen ($37 US).

Every piece of this outfit just blends together. Although you might want to replace those stockings with the ones from White Album’s Rina Ogata’s Everyday Wear Set. The rest is just cute and sweet; for you girls, it’s definitely something you would want to put yourself in prior to meeting your boyfriend’s parents for the first time. Just remember to lower the skirt a little.

* * * * * *

Here is another appealing casual top+skirt. By ouazykdoll:

It comes with headphones too. But for a starting bid of 9,000 yen ($111 US).

Alternatively, you can purchase them separately.

The outfit without headphones at 5,000 yen ($62 US) (there are plenty in stock):

Just the phones at 4,000 yen ($49 US):

Comes in pink too.

* * * * * *

For those who are more interested in old fashion style clothing, designer nosukeman brings us this wonderfully crafted dress:

Unfortunately, it’s already sold, but not to worry, nosukeman brings us a new outfit almost every 3-4 days; each one has a similar design yet retains a fresh look.

Sold at 11,500 yen ($142 US). Good price for such a detailed outfit.

* * * * * *

If you’re dying for something similar, there’s this one I found pretty cute.

Sure the hat looks like it’s been ironed by a steamroller, but that’s where the charm lies. There are small details everywhere: laces, frills, backed by warm soothing colours makes this comfy outfit worth its starting 3,000 yen price tag.

Seller: mikazuki_sixyu

* * * * * *

As we move along the dress category, there is one that should not be overlooked.

Maybe it’s the fact that Saber is wearing it, but nonetheless, the dress is well done. Add some bridal arm warmers and your Saber is set for her wedding, with you.

Currently at 8,000 yen ($99 US), no bids. By ouazykdoll.

* * * * * *

Here is another excellent dress; by usagisry starting at 5,000 yen ($62 US).

A notable element of this dress is the line of roses along the chest area.

Looks real.

* * * * * *

No Dollfie fashion article is complete without the kimono.

One of the best ones up on YJA at the moment. This one comes with a frilled skirt and a cute bow.

Fix the bow to a frontal position of your dollfie’s head and take off the skirt and you’ll have one heck of a sexy dollfie. But it comes at a hefty price. Done by esukaiyakurabu_ufo and originally started at 6,500 yen, it is now at 15,000 yen ($185 US).

* * * * * *

Also at 15,000 yen is another fabulous kimono done by SIGH!Brands under seller name surelooksgoodtome610. The name is an understatement because it sure as heck looks more than good, it’s utterly fantastic.

I have a thing for multi-coloured butterflies.

Sacrifices extra 500 kb of space just because this photo is so cute.

* * * * * *

For those who love to immerse their dolls in cosplay, Eureka and Lunamaria Hawke are currently up on auction from seller neko_to_yuyake in the 9,000 yen range ($111 US).

* * * * * *

Lastly, if you’re into goth fashion, this outfit may be a good add to your collection. Designed by Twilight Moon, it’s one of the most complete goth sets under the DD misc. category right now going at 7,000 yen ($86 US).

Very nicely designed photo template. Twilight Moon has even gone out of their way to place the outfit information on the template as well, rendering text translation impossible. However, with the detailed photo below, further information should not be necessary.

Twilight Moon flaunts the Stain-less Steel platings here on the inside of the outfit protecting your dollfie from dye harm. But do beware of the hem of that skirt.

* * * * * *

lukyboss7111 provides us with a gothish lingerie set starting at 6,000 yen ($74 US).

The prominent feature of this outfit is not the revealing attire, quite the contrary in fact, but that it comes with the Holy Bible.

If you have religious plans for your dollfie, this outfit is no doubt the way to go.

Alternatively, if you’re truly serious in getting your dollfie baptized, you might want to opt for just the Bible and not the outfit.

Comes in elegant gold plating.

Or the usual black.

* * * * * *

Speaking of doll accessories, I would like to wrap up with several interesting ones.

Below is a Japanese parasol sold by klein_9_9 for 1,700 yen ($21 US).

Crafted from paper, plastic and wood materials.

Note that it is not waterproof. Will burn under direct sunlight.

* * * * * *

Your Dollfie a sporty one ? Should try these:

Supplied by highwaroc for 2,000 yen ($25 US) per pair (starting bid).

Comes in pink too:

Actually the ones above are badminton rackets, they have tennis ones too; the following link displays the rest:

* * * * * *

More Dollfie Dream fashion HERE.

* * * * * *

Currency conversion rates as at Oct. 21, 2010.

YJA links expire 5 months from the date of this post.


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