Halloween Outfits 2010 Part 2

Here we are again with a second batch of flashy Halloween-themed costumes for the year.

* * * * * *

Let’s start off with an MDD outfit this time. Designer Mini Moe through seller account pokerface_bing provides a devil’s outfit this year around. I would like to immediately mention here that apparently Miu looks quite nice on an MDD body. Add that pink hair (not included in the costume set) and those flappy bat wings on her head, and she really does look like a chibi version of the devil. Starting price: 8,800 yen ($108 US)

Looks just as sexy if not sexier without the cape and those random ornaments.

Note the Hello Kitties skulls on her boots. This costume is pretty darn detailed and well done. Though I think Mini Moe should’ve stuck with putting in one zipper instead of two, as it will cause a dilemma for Papa as to where he should start unzipping first.

Who else thinks that pitchfork may have been made from three corn cobs ?


* * * * * *

Next, we have a more casual Halloween outfit. The outfit speaks for itself. That tank top and ruffled mini-skirt is enough to send all nearby Unoa boys her way, let alone the potential-Class S 絶対領域, will probably send all nearby men her way.

Currently at 10,000 yen ($123 US). If I had $, it may well be at three times that or more. From seller akamekogeme.


* * * * * *

In Part 1, we had introduced the Succubus from SHY. Now they have created the Incubus to complete the demonic duo. Starting from 7,000 yen ($86 US).


* * * * * *

All Halloweens must include black cats. And seller nakoruru_2p fulfills that criteria. The outfit is cute, the girl is cute, the pumpkin is cute.

nakoruru_2p provides the outfit with Stain-less steel layers on the inside as you can see in the photo. Starting at 5,000 yen ($62 US).


* * * * * *

The following outfit is perhaps the most bizarre looking one this week, or month. para_dox00666 brings us the Candy Costume. If you decide to put your dollfie in this on Halloween, just make sure she is not near you while you are handing out candies, or you may regret it. Can be purchased at 4,300 yen ($53 US).


* * * * * *

More Dollfie fashion here.

Currency conversion rates as at Oct. 24, 2010.

YJA links expire 5 months from the date of this post.


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