A Gift for Louise

A gift for Louise ~ =3

* * * * * *

a gift for Louise

Louise was ignoring me for a while because she was jealous that Illya got posted on figurefm but she didn’t.

watching tv

So I decided to surprise her with a present to make her happy again.

She is here watching TV ~


It seems I caught her attention ~
Hopefully she won’t get angry at me for disturbing her :3


Luckily I placed the gift bag in front of her eyes before she could react ~


here she goes :3


i stuffed too much wrapping paper in there so she kinda had to dig herself in :x

new MP3 player~

and it’s a new mp3 player !
hope she likes it x3



she seems happy trying it out =3




* * * * * *

More life at dollfiehome here :3


4 responses to “A Gift for Louise

  1. Louise is very lovely~.

    Very nice photos too~!! (^^)

  2. Oh my! That last picture is heavenly!

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