Dollfie YJA Kimono Report Oct 30 2010

Looking at the latter half of this week’s kimonos.

* * * * * *

Sakura Hon Ya has been releasing tons of kimono outfits this week.

goodness, love that custom face and wig

Sold at 12,500 yen ($155 US)


This one sold at 14,500 yen ($180 US)


They currently have one on auction with less than 20 hours remaining.

at ~6,000 yen (~$75 US)

* * * * * *

Interesting semi-transparent kimono from RE collection that sold for 24,000 yen ($298 US).

Bra top, miniskirt, thigh-highs, heeled boots, tied-up hair with side bangs… sasara lacks nothing from becoming the ultimate eye magnet for men

Makes you wonder whether or not the true intention of this set was really the kimono.

* * * * * *

Finally we have two sets currently up for bids.

Both auctions end in 3 days.

Light-hearted pink kimono with maid gear add-on from Tarsier du bonheur.

Hovering in the 7000 yen range ($87 US).

* * * * * *

From aine_claine we have a lovely black/gold design.

Buy at 7,400 yen ($92 US).

* * * * * *

More dollfie fashion here.

Currency rates as at Oct 30, 2010

Links expire 5 months from time of post.


4 responses to “Dollfie YJA Kimono Report Oct 30 2010

  1. the 2nd to last pink set is so cute! The see thru one made me LOL ^^;;;

    • hhaha ya x3
      i was looking at the kimono pics.. when suddenly sasara started to have less and less clothes on her, by the time i reached the end she was posing in lingerie and leather boots, i was like “what the” xD

  2. WoW~ the Kimonos are very beautiful~!

    Makes me want one for my Sasara~ (^^)

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