Dollfie Dream Casual Fashion Report Oct 31 2010

A ton of fabulous casual designs this week. Spent too much time pondering what I should get thus delaying this post. Ended up not getting any and picked up my 6th dollfie dream instead after months :3

* * * * * *

Seller kojima1208, Beans Second released two amazing autumn outfits.

Very nice contrasting blend of colours.

Looks like something obtainable at your nearest Zara.

I was surprised at the difference in winning bids for both items.
I think it was due to the hoodie.

The first one sold for 8,000 yen ($100 US)

The second one sold for 28,510 yen ($355 US)

* * * * * *

An extremely stylish outfit from yn-poupee. I pondered for so long whether or not I should get this outfit since it seemed fairly cheap at 6,000 yen. But by the time I decided, the price shot up to 11,600 yen ($144 US).

The one piece is a very tight fit on Saber Alter. Only reason why I was debating on this was due to the seemingly light fabric. Not sure if the real thing would be as solid as it looks.

Cute bag, nice scarf, interesting hat. Might be difficult to get the hat to stay on.

Nonetheless a very very well designed piece.

* * * * * *

Sometimes there’s nothing good on YJA, but when there is, they all come at once.

Here is another great outfit done by shino50200.

Sold for 26,000 yen ($324 US).

Not a surprise, as it includes some well sought after pieces like dollfie ear warmers that no one ever seems to sell.

Comfy scarf; Stain-less steel mini skirt; two coloured stockings to match.

* * * * * *

A more simple casual design from makkcountry.

Despite simple, makkcountry uses some nice fabrics not commonly seen on other outfits.

Currently at 5,000 yen ($62 US). But with a rather high number of bidders, the price will most likely shoot up in 24 hours from this post when the auction ends.

* * * * * *

Soft, cuddly outfit from masphr27.

Includes cute mini pouch and a rather odd looking weasel.

Sold for 4,700 yen ($58 US)

* * * * * *

From Tarsier du bonheur is a one piece dress.

But what really attracts my attention to this outfit is the nighty-night two-piece on the inside.

Something I’m sure my dollfies wouldn’t mind falling asleep in.

Sold at 12,500 yen ($156 US)

* * * * * *

Goth casual from Sakura Hon Ya.

SHY is quite renowned for the very detailed hair piece they have on pretty much all their sets.

This black rose does its job also to enliven the set.

Sold at 7,250 yen ($90 US)

* * * * * *

Rarely do we see child clothing on YJA. Here an_doughnut presents a very cute outfit for the MDD.

Auction expired without anyone bidding, so we may see it again in the near future. Was posted at 4,000 yen ($50 US).

* * * * * *

More dollfie fashion here.

Currency rates as at Oct 31, 2010

Links expire 5 months from the time of this post.


2 responses to “Dollfie Dream Casual Fashion Report Oct 31 2010

  1. WoW~!

    These clothes are very nice~!!

    I need to invest for Autmn/Winter clothes~! (>_<)

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