Dollfie Dream Dresses November 2010

Early November DD dresses for your bidding and eye pleasure.

* * * * * *

Not really a dress, but it was so pretty I decided to put it here anyway is Sara’s Garden’s outfit starting at 8,800 yen ($109 US).

Auction expires 1 day from this post.

* * * * * *

From feipeij, we have this equivalently fresh outfit starting at 6,000 yen ($74 US).

Very solid with vibrant colours.

Auction expires 5 days from this post.

* * * * * *

Renowned nosukeman that pumps outfits onto YJA quicker than getting your car filled up has three.. no, actually by the time I finished uploading the photos now has four outfits up on auction.

First two auctions expire in a few hours from this post.

Currently at 8,250 yen ($102 US) at the time of this post.

Currently at 6,750 yen ($84 US) at the time of this post.

The next one expires in 1 day:

Currently at 7,350 yen ($91 US) at the time of this post.

And the following one just came out:

Starting bid 6,500 yen ($81 US) at the time of this post.

Expires in 3 days.

* * * * * *

kita_naochan brings us this outfit with many detachables.

Currently at 8,750 yen ($108 US) at the time of this post.

If they decide to get a better camera for their photos, the winning bid must surely increase by at least 3 times the amount.

Expires in 2 days from time of this post.

* * * * * *

Looking for something simple?

as_sarasa releases this simple and clean yet prominent outfit.

Starting at 5,250 yen ($65 US).

Expires in 3 days from time of this post.

* * * * * *

Rarely do we get lots of MDD love, but this week there’s quite a few.

This chinese dress from 怜惜人形 (no idea how to romanize this name) at seller pokerface_bing has nice vibrant contrasting colours.

starting at 6,800 yen ($84 US)

Expires in 1 day from time of this post.

* * * * * *

Next we have an extremely well made wedding dress from esukaiyakurabu_ufo.

Not sure if this last pic was necessary but anyways :3

Starting at 6,500 yen ($81 US).

Expires in 2 days.

* * * * * *

Lastly, from Number F, we have this super cute child’s dress.

Love that beret.

Starting at 5,000 yen ($62 US)

Expires in 12 hours from time of this post

* * * * * *

More Dollfie fashion here.

Currency rates as at Nov 1, 2010

Links expire 5 months from date of this post.


3 responses to “Dollfie Dream Dresses November 2010

  1. Gosh what a delicious selection! :D

  2. God damn… Drindls!! WHY NOW!! >_<

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