November Dollfie Dream Casuals 2010-11-01

Early November pretty casuals.

* * * * * *

Designer masphr27 releases two impractical outfits for autumn.


Candy for the beholder but at a high cost — your dollfie may potentially catch a cold.

Your eyes or your dollfie? Only a good papa would know the answer.

Both starting at a low bid of 3,000 yen ($37 US)
5 days remaining for both outfits from the date on this post.

The purple:

The white:

* * * * * *

More Dollfie fashion here.

Currency rates as at Nov 1, 2010.

Links expire 5 months from this post.


2 responses to “November Dollfie Dream Casuals 2010-11-01

  1. the first one is so sweet! ^^

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