Dollfie Dream Outfits at YJA 2010-11-02

Lack of clothings released today. We have five outfits that are in completely different categories.

* * * * * *

First, from makkcountry, a casual outfit.

Buy at 3,000 yen ($37 US)
2 days remaining from date of this post.

* * * * * *

Next, we have a nun or “cleric” outfit from 桜月兎 (uncertain of exact romaji) could be sakutsukito or something but I’m not going to take chances; seller mandeonancy.

This outfit totally reminds me of this:

Starting bid 6,000 yen ($74 US)
1 day remaining from this post.

* * * * * *

Next, we have a kimono from RE collection (seller glo2415zx).

Best part of this outfit isn’t the outer layer in my opinion.

It’s the inner layer that makes her look like a priestess from the gods.

Starting bid 8,800 yen ($109 US)

If the price wasn’t so high, I would buy this just for the inner white layer.

Expires in 3 days from this post.

* * * * * *

As if the outfits this time weren’t random enough, we have a 4-in-1 completely directionless set from esukaiyakurabu_ufo.

White Maid

Black Maid

Apron Maid

Goth Loli Maid (wth?)

Currently at 7,000 yen ($87 US)

Expires in 3 days from this post.

* * * * * *

Lastly, (you guessed it) we have a wedding dress. From Moon Rabbit; seller kyouhaiihi2002.

Starts at 4,000 yen ($50 US)

4 days remaining from this post.

* * * * * *

More Dollfie fashion here.

Currency rates as at Nov 2, 2010

Links expire 5 months from this post.


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