Legend Designer -Le chat de neige-

If ramcot_snow is the legend of Western casuals, then -Le chat de neige- is the legend for everything else. Just look at the gallery.

Average winning bids are in the tens of thousands of yen, it varies from like 10,000 yen ($124 US) to highest this year: 81,000 yen ($1,002 US).

I haven’t been around since the Ice Age to have records of the highest winning bids for Le chat de neige, but I have no doubts that there could possibly be a higher winning bid than 81,000 yen.

The 81,000 yen outfit:

See what Le chat de neige has up on Yahoo Japan Auction right now. Please be aware that the seller account also sells other things that aren’t made by Le chat de neige. Le chat de neige outfits are clearly indicated by their name in the auction title.

View all posts with Le chat de neige outfits that may not be in this gallery.

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Le chat de neige Gallery


3 responses to “Legend Designer -Le chat de neige-

  1. Le chat de Neige is affiliated with Cool Cats (http://us.sk-coolcat.com/front/bin/home.phtml), who also do the Dandelion line of clothing for Dollfie Dream. They also sell wigs, stands, and other items for -DDs, and even sell on eBay (though the primo stuff stays on Y!J).

    It may be by consignment… or just their premium stuff. I’m not certain of the exact logistics.

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