Casual Designer masphr27

masphr27 releases simpler outfits than its rivals on YJA. Targetted towards a lower income audience (the material is slightly cheaper and less cloth is used per outfit). The auctions usually start out at a low 3,000 yen ($37 US). Despite simplicity however, a great amount of effort can be seen put into colour combinations to make each design look attractive.

Winning bids usually range from 4,000 to 10,000 yen ($50 to $124 US).

Highest winning bids this year was the following two outfits at 18,500 yen ($230 US) and 19,050 yen ($236 US) respectively.

See what masphr27 has up on Yahoo Japan Auction right now.

View all posts with masphr27 outfits that may not be in this gallery.

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masphr27 Gallery


3 responses to “Casual Designer masphr27

  1. Celia the Pikachu

    Where can you get those purple eyes?

    • Those are DD Mashiro’s default eyes, you would have to get a Limited DD Mashiro to get them, or see if anyone selling just the eyes or her head (with the eyes) on yahoo auction or other secondary markets ~

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