Punk Dress Designer T.D.C.

Fairly new to the scene is designer T.D.C. Although new-ish (unless they were selling under another seller account), they have made a mark in the custom fashion scene with their unique Punk Outfit designs. Starting at around 8,000 yen ($99 US) min bids, winning bids usually range in the 10,000 ($124 US) to 20,000 yen ($247 US) area.

* * * * * *

Highest winning bid at 30,100 yen ($372 US):

See what T.D.C. has up on Yahoo Japan Auction right now.

 Alternatively, T.D.C. may sell under this account.

View all posts with T.D.C. outfits that may not be in this gallery.

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T.D.C. Gallery


5 responses to “Punk Dress Designer T.D.C.

  1. Wish I had a Dollfie to get this stuff for >.<

  2. s. lkhagvadulam

    l liked this doll s but it s not very cut,beautifule at all you have to hard work ok good luck

  3. Stunning Clothing. Wonderful workmanship. Are there any patterns out there for making these?

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