Dollfie Dream Southeast Traditionals Nov 15 2010

Traditional south-east asian dresses on YJA

* * * * * *

From designer DREAM COLOUR (puyoyo999)

I want this china dress. Badly.

Starting at 5,000 yen
6 days remaining

* * *

Also from DREAM COLOUR, another china dress~

“Don’t worry, I can charm him with my looks.”

“You, are going to bring me Chan Ho Nam’s head.”

“Now what was I thinking about… -Right. It won’t be long until I take over as Triad Queen.”

Starting at 4,000 yen; can be bought at 6,000 yen
6 days

* * * * * *

Eleven P. (pokerface_bing) brings us a miko outfit.

I was debating whether to place this in the Fantasy category or not, but she only has ears and they’re detachable, so in the S.E.A. traditional category she goes.

Starting at 5,800 yen
2 days

* * * * * *

Possibly one of the prettiest Dollfie Dreams to model on YJA.

The hair! The eyes! The smile!! > _ <

I would pay wonders for this if designer studio gofuku_ohnoya decides to put her up on auction.

Anyways, onto the kimono.

Starting at 16,500 yen
5 days

Here’s another.

Starting at 18,000 yen
5 days

And another.

Starting at 16,500 yen
5 days

The studio’s models are truly stunning.

* * * * * *

Kimono designer SIGH!Brands releases yet another high quality piece.

Started at 13,000 yen
Ended at 37,500 yen

* * * * * *

More Dollfie Dream South-east Asian traditionals here.


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