Modern Subcultural Fashion for Dollfie Dream Nov 18 2010

Gorgeous goth and loli sets these couple of days.

Sakura Hon Ya releases a rare sweet lolita dress for L-bust and DDdy.
Usually they go for darker colours.

As with most promo shots from SHY, their model tends to get busy with herself near the end.

Starting at 6,000 yen
3 days remaining

* * * * * *

kita_naochan releases yet another goth set.

They seriously need a better camera.

Starting at 6,000 yen
1 day remaining

* * * * * *

An interesting goth leather set from Pink Junktion (seller chi_ka2012)

Starting at 8,000 yen
1 day remaining

* * * * * *

A dazzling, seductive piece from seller siro4848.

Started at 5,000 yen, now at 16,500 yen
2 days remaining

* * * * * *

More Dollfie Dream goth, punk, lolita styles here.


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