Dollfie Dream Aoi vs Yukino

Volks’ two standard models tend to cause purchase dilemmas amongst first-time Dollfie owners.

Many owners tend to opt for Aoi and Yukino due to their ease to acquire and relatively lower cost compared with limited models. But despite being ‘basic models’, both Aoi and Yukino can be quite versatile for customization.

* * * * * *

Basic Aoi:

Some feel that Aoi may look a little angry (although that’s what she’s meant to look), however, it’s possible to soften her angry look into a more tsun-tsun look with wigs and eyes as shown in the lovely customizations below:

Slightly customized Aois:

Winterknight’s Aoi~

Clangtastic’s Aoi~

* * *

Basic Yukino:

Yukino is more thoughtful and amenable than Aoi. She may seem a little blanked out sometimes, but with different hairstyles and eyes (and clothing!), you can turn Yukino into a girl with a stylish personality!

Slightly customized Yukinos:

DarVox’s Yukino~

Le chat de neige’s Yukino~

* * *

So Aoi or Yukino? Both at $418 US.

Order Aoi from Volks:

Order Yukino from Volks:


3 responses to “Dollfie Dream Aoi vs Yukino

  1. Super helpful post ^^ All the DD’s on the side now have my interest xD lol

  2. kawaii^^ really want yukino-chan maybe planning to get her for my b’day cant really afford her with the money right now T_T

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