Dressing your Dollfie Dreams demurely

If you want to give your dollfie a more conservative look, yet retaining that cute feminine charm, look no further!

Beans Second brings us this adorable outfit.

Starting at 6,000 yen
2 days remaining


* * * * * *

Next, siromokuren0102 with a frilly blouse and skirt.

Starting at 3,000 yen
3 days remaining


* * * * * *

Sara’s Garden with two MDD children’s dresses.

Vibrant yellow:

Starting at 6,800 yen
Less than a day remaining


* * *

And a more imperious red:


* * * * * *

More Dollfie Dream demure styles here.


2 responses to “Dressing your Dollfie Dreams demurely

  1. the first set is cute, but wow her waist look so thin it’s gonna break off XD

    • i love the first set too x3 (or anything done by Beans Second really xD
      but ya, wow, i never knew the waists were so thin! i guess it’s also the outfit and camera angle that made it seem that way~

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