Puppy Love Warm Winter set for the Dollfie Dream Dynamite

Special spotlight on chun’s most recent Dollfie Dream designs ~

From puppy52dolls is a warm winter casual outfit set. At first look, it’s solid, simple and trendy. The real strength of this set however, is the ability for the individual pieces to mix and match with other clothing. And those earmuffs!! I WANT xD

Soft soft earmuffs! x3 I love these earmuffs. Usually DD earmuffs are either too big, or not firm enough, but chun made these perfectly.

Instead of a typical long scarf, chun made a rather short neck warmer this time, which compliments the cute earmuffs in my opinion. The small bow ornament only adds more cuteness to the fluffy duo.

Nice to see that the ribbon bow is actually detachable.

Also nice to see that the outfit includes both pants and skirt/stockings for those who want a more demure look on their dollfie.

Well fitted turtleneck ~ I love how the slim cutting can make the over-emphasized curves on the DDdy look less bulky.

Very solid pants. The white lining contrasts nicely with the stylish brown.

Compulsory shimapan.

Each piece is made to fit the DDdy body ~

Now on ebay! ~ Click here to get.

Material details and the like are included there.

* * * * * *

More Dollfie Dream casuals here.

More demure styles here.

DD seasonal clothing here.


2 responses to “Puppy Love Warm Winter set for the Dollfie Dream Dynamite

  1. ^o^ Thanks for the special feature XD

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