Dollfie Dream Casuals Nov 27 2010

A more common set of casuals (except for the last one!) today.

Design studio -kiss of lamb- (seller kiss_of_lamb2) with a simple top and mini.

Starting at 3,000 yen
1 day remaining

* * * * * *

la_lumiere_jp with a stylish bolero dress and beret.

Starting at 8,000 yen
1 day remaining

* * * * * *

Simple outfit by seller ynagasue8888. Cute hoodie :3

Starting at 4,200 yen
Less than a day remaining

* * * * * *

Lingerie design expert angelism21 (seller pure_beauty_ai21) decides to move away (ever so slightly) from the nightwear scene to make this not-safe-for-school schoolgirl set.

Being pros at their field, it was compulsory to include the undergarments as well.

Starting at 5,000 yen
1 day remaining

* * * * * *

More Dollfie Dream casuals here.


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