Christmas Casuals for the Dollfie Dream Dec 09 2010

Prettiest set of Christmas-themed casuals by far in my opinion ~

Not because it’s by ramcot_snow… okay, it’s because it’s by ramcot_snow xD

But seriously, perfect DD fit, cute, sexy, yet it has that demure look, especially the black and white set… now only if it wasn’t selling at $500 US…

The Red:

At 7,000 yen
Less than a day

* * *

The Black:

Currently at 32,500 yen and will be much higher in the next 20 hours.
Less than a day

* * * * * *

masphr27 again with their lovely one-piece casual dresses

Starting at 3,000 yen, buyable at 7,800 yen
3 days left

* * * * * *

a+DOLL also with a soft and nice fitting one-piece button-up dress

Starting at a low 3,500 yen
3 days left

* * * * * *

More casual wear here.

More seasonal wear here.


2 responses to “Christmas Casuals for the Dollfie Dream Dec 09 2010

  1. Nice sets! i’m working on my own xmas set now :) I hope I can finish it by the beginning of the next week :)

    • looking forward to seeing it ! x3

      after a few more small tasks i’m going to make a few articles about you, chun and coburn ~ x3 you alls needs a place on dollfiehome xD

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