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Tasty Taiyaki for your Dollfie Dream

From gofuku_ohnoya kimono studios, we have tasty taiyaki for your dollfies!

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Weed Whackers for your Dollfie Dream

If you find your frontyard taken over by weeds, there is no need to call lawn service. For a mere 4,000 yen, your Dollfie can let loose on the foilage with her own mobile lawn mower.

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Dollfie Dream Oct Nov 2010 Accessories Gallery

Dollfie Dream M60 Machine Gun on YJA

Tired of morning birds? Dangling hornet’s nests? Some countries have strict gun restrictions. That is why your dollfie must always be equipped with one in the case of dire emergencies.

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Bonding with your Dollfie

For those who never want to let your dollfies go, you will be able to keep them by your side at all times now with the item above. For a mere ~$10 US, you can link your dollfie’s arm to your pinky finger and keep em from harm’s way. Order yours today to strengthen the bond with your dollfie!

Seller ouazykdoll seems to have an unlimited supply of these in stock. If it’s sold, they should have another one back up in no time!

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