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Giving Estel some love ~

Giving Estel some love ~

Poor Estel never gets any photos taken mostly because she’s always in the kitchen making food and washing dishes. Sometimes I want to take photos of her while she’s doing chores, but she doesn’t like that. So today I decided to do what needed to be done: pick her up from the kitchen and put her in some pretty clothes for some photos x3 She didn’t argue of course, but after the photoshoot she hurried back into the kitchen. ^ _ ^;;

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Sweet Dreams Louise

Sweet Dreams Louise 01

Louise is very peaceful and docile at dollfiehome ~

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Illya photo ~

Got bored and took a photo of Illya ~ without her coat x3

dollfiehome mascot in the making

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A Gift for Louise

A gift for Louise ~ =3

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Illya at home

A typical day...

A typical day…

*Photos taken with Canon PowerShot G11 on October 15, 2010*

Illya wants to go outside, but her owner is always too busy to take her out.

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Louise Nightgown Photoshoot

Back home

Louise back home. She was tired and dived into her pjs right away, so I took the opportunity to do a photoshoot of her in her nightgown!

*Photos taken with Canon PowerShot G11 on October 06, 2010*

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