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Dollfiehome is still here!

Hello Dollfie Dream fashion fans! We have been developing other websites recently (alongside some real life issues), so work on dollfiehome has stopped since late December. But do not worry ! We are currently applying our database skills to make a completely new dollfiehome ! The new dollfiehome database will be migrated out of This blog will soon be used for major updates on fashion instead of daily updates, and will focus more on photo stories. The new dollfiehome website/database will be much more comprehensive and easier to navigate. Expected to be completed by end of March/early April :3 Thanks for your patience!



Thank you for visiting dollfiehome ~

There has been an enormous burst of visitors to dollfiehome lately, and I just want to say thanks for stopping by~

More importantly, dollfiehome will be undergoing some big changes to make browsing more feasible.

Also, we will be doing reviews of individual Dollfie Dreams.

These changes will be implemented very soon ~

Please bear with the messy layout for now !

– polty (and illya!)

Illya photo ~

Got bored and took a photo of Illya ~ without her coat x3

dollfiehome mascot in the making

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Welcome to Dollfie Home!

Volks MDD Louise 70,000 yen

Temporary photo !

*Lv. 9999 DD custom Legend sntjt955-sama Louise 700,000 yen

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List of most expensive Dollfie clothing and designers: HERE

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Lastly, if you just want to view everything, scroll down below!


Welcome to dollfiehome

Craving for Dollfie Dream eye-candy? Need inspiration on designing a new wardrobe for your dollfie? dollfiehome provides news on Dollfie Dream custom outfits and archives the designs straight from Yahoo Japan Auction.