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Dollfie Dream Oct Nov 2010 Casuals Gallery

Dollfie Dream Oct Nov 2010 Halloween Gallery

Dollfie Dream Casuals on YJA 2010-11-03

Simpler, less expensive outfits this time around.

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Dollfie Fashion Tour at Yahoo Japan Auction October 2010

As many of you know and don’t know, Yahoo Japan Auction is the major hub for Dollfie Dream fashion studios (mainly in Japan and parts of South East Asia) to sell their dazzling goods. These outfits range from contemporary fashion to bizarre looking garments one may want to avoid wearing in public. Most are one-off and rare. Some are offered and sold on a weekly basis. This article will cover several of the main types of clothing available, for both your optical taste buds and Dollfie wardrobe needs.

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Halloween Outfits 2010

With Halloween approaching us, there have been a number of orange and black outfits up on YJA. Let’s start off with Almighty designer ramcot_snow:

ramcot_snow’s quickly completed two different costumes for this occasion already (actually three, but the third is just an alternate colour of the following):

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