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Thank you for visiting dollfiehome ~

There has been an enormous burst of visitors to dollfiehome lately, and I just want to say thanks for stopping by~

More importantly, dollfiehome will be undergoing some big changes to make browsing more feasible.

Also, we will be doing reviews of individual Dollfie Dreams.

These changes will be implemented very soon ~

Please bear with the messy layout for now !

– polty (and illya!)


Illya photo ~

Got bored and took a photo of Illya ~ without her coat x3

Dollfie Dream Western Styles Nov 20 2010

Western outfits today on YJA

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Illya at home

A typical day...

A typical day…

*Photos taken with Canon PowerShot G11 on October 15, 2010*

Illya wants to go outside, but her owner is always too busy to take her out.

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